On Wisdom-Seeking

“Set Your Minds on Things Above”

In the Republic, Socrates says he…whose mind is fixed upon true being, has surely no time to look down upon the affairs of earth, or to be filled with malice and envy, contending against men; his eye is ever directed toward things fixed and immutable, which he sees neither injuring nor injured by one another, but […]

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Poetry and Reality

For many ancient writers, the point of poetry is to purify human thoughts and emotions (catharsis; see Aristotle Poetics) by connecting their verbal expressions to the simple, pure rhythms of the world. The very word “verse,” standing in English for “poetry,” is from the Latin word “to turn” (versus), and signifies the turning of a plowman at the […]

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Know Your Limits

Aristotle has the following to say about recognizing one’s intellectual limitations and taking care to properly order one’s studies toward a good end: Now each man judges well the things he knows, and of these he is a good judge. And so the man who has been educated in a subject is a good judge […]

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