Welcome to my web portal.  Here is the main source of information for several of my most important projects.

Here I maintain and offer a handful of podcasts, books (traditional and audio), and various Continuing Education endeavors for Christian young people and adults:


I plan to issue these relatively short (20-25 min.) podcasts four times per month.  In them, I will be covering several particularly important topics of great usefulness to today’s Protestant revival.  These are:

Please note that although these podcasts are offered free of charge, if you profit from them please consider donating to my main project, building and maintaining Via Antiqua Classical Christian Tutorials, an uncommon service dedicated to building up the next generation of Christian young people for serving the Kingdom.  You may find more information on this endeavor below.


Kindle eBook: Catholic Conciliarism and the Protestant Reformation

Kindle eBook: It’s Not A Small World, After All: A Defense of the Christian Imagination


Saving the best for last, my main project is building and maintaining Via Antiqua Classical Christian Tutorials, which in a world crowded with online schooling is meant to demonstrate a very much uncommon sort of classical education program.  Please consider supporting this work either by making use of its services yourself, passing on the link to others who may be interested, or directly donating (as the saying goes, anything helps!) by using the link at the top of that page.

Thank you for support, and may God richly bless you and yours!