The Real RINO – A “Republic in Name Only”

Augustine cites Cicero on the destruction of the Roman Republic due to the decline of traditional morality: …the great leaders could not have founded, or could not have so long maintained such a great state with such a vast stretch of empire, had there not been that morality in the community; nor could the morality […]

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Ambitious Men, Deformed Actions

Many politicians are “…ambitious men, whose minds, doting on glory, which is a mere image of virtue, produce nothing that is genuine or uniform, but only, as might be expected of such a conjunction, deformed and unnatural actions…” Such men eventually come to the following end: “when this passion is exorbitant, it is dangerous in […]

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When Bad People Have Good Things

For the things that the mass of people say are good are not correctly so described. It is said that the the best thing is health, and the second is beauty, and third is wealth – and then are said to be ten thousand other goods: sharp sight, hearing, and good perception of all the […]

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Internet Politics: “Carried Away by the Flood”

When many of them are sitting together in assemblies, courts, theaters, army camps, or in some other public gathering of the crowd, they object very loudly and excessively to some of the things that are said or done and approve others in the same way, shouting and clapping, so that the very rocks and surroundings […]

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