History: Big Picture

“Battles and Dates and All That Rot”

In the Magician’s Nephew, Polly Plummer complains of having to learn history, which to her is merely a bunch of “battles and dates and all that rot.”   Using her phraseology as a catch-all for a rather large intellectual problem I have observed over the last 15 years or so, here are some musings regarding teaching […]

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Is Western Culture *Worse* Than Sodom or Nineveh?

It’s becoming increasingly popular in these days of seemingly triumphant secularism for Christians to speak of the “sad decline” of Western culture. I resonate with this idea a good bit, and not least because there’s plenty of reason within the Western tradition itself to see temporal matters often going downhill – sometimes drastically. Nevertheless, when […]

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“The History of the Church for 1500 Years Is, To a Large Extent, Just the History of Popery” – NOT!

William Cunningham (1805 1861) was a nineteenth century Scottish polemical theologian who, like many in his day, promoted the anachronistic notion that Calvinism has always been the confession of True and Pure Christianity. Also like many in his day, he liked to stoke the excessive antipathy toward “Romanism” and “Popery” that was harbored by many […]

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