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As a humanities teacher with a special emphasis on the development of political and social thought in Christendom, this blog is my attempt to aid careful, sustained political reflection among Christians by providing short looks at what our long political tradition has to say about government, citizenship, rights, duties, and all connected issues.

The richness of our great tradition reflects the biblical search for wisdom, which we are told is valuable above all other things. Thus, my goal here is to regularly feature quotations from classical Christian political thinkers (and the sources they relied on) with a minimum of my own commentary.

Most posts will be short (4-minute reading or less), but this should not be taken to imply that the issues are simple enough to process in that short time.  As a repository of classical Christian political source material, this site aims to foster further, reflective thought about perennial issues so that we may better think about and act in terms of Christ’s kingship over the world in our troubled times.

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