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Classical Christian Education

  • On the Noble and the Useful: Uncommon Essays on Classical Education (PDF, 118 pp.) [ Preview ][wp_cart_button name=”On the Noble and the Useful (PDF)” price=”$5.00″] $5.00

Literature and Writing

  • Worlds Within the World: How J.R.R. Tolkien Can Help Christians Write Better Fiction (PDF, 43 pp.) [ Preview ][wp_cart_button name=”Worlds Within the World (PDF)” price=”$2.50″] $2.50
  • It’s Not A Small World, After All: A Defense of the Christian Imagination (PDF, 180 pp.) [ Preview ] [wp_cart_button name=”It’s Not A Small World (PDF)” price=”$8.00″] $8.00

First-Year Latin Readers

  • Ecce Vacca! (Look! A Cow! – PDF) [ Preview ] [wp_cart_button name=”Ecce Vacca (PDF)” price=”$2.00″] $2.00
  • Ecce Simia! (Look! A Monkey – PDF) [ Preview ] [wp_cart_button name=”Ecce Simia (PDF)” price=”$2.00″] $2.00
  • Rana et Rubeta (Frog and Toad – PDF) [ Preview ] [wp_cart_button name=”Rana et Rubeta (PDF)” price=”$2.00″] $2.00
  • Puer Romanus (A Roman Boy – PDF) [ Preview ] [wp_cart_button name=”Puer Romanus (PDF)” price=”$2.00″] $2.00
  • Pulex et Canis (The Flea and the Dog – PDF) Preview ] [wp_cart_button name=”Pulex et Canis (PDF)” price=”$2.00″] $2.00