An Antidote to the Runamuck Secular Social Justice Crusade

For a culture obsessed with social justice issues, I am convinced that working through the Old Testament is quite likely one of the best antidotes one could find.

Are there any more powerful ancient critiques of what is today called hegemonic power, and all of its evil spawn, than the stories of God himself taking care of the widows and the orphans, punishing those who oppress and beat down the poor, and ultimately even allowing both branches of his own people to be destroyed by foreigners and taken into complete cultural captivity?

And since the story ends not in triumph but in heartbreaking renewed hope for a redemption that has to come from outside the world, what better invitation to reconciliation and healing could we present to our sick and dying young people, scrambling about madly to construct increasingly ephemeral identities out of whatever scraps of ideology and emotivism they can find on social media?