PODCAST – Locus Classicus: On Classical Christian Education, Past and Present

Classical Christian education has been a major part of my life for nearly two decades, between 9 years of formal training in the Liberal Arts and Humanities, and another 9 years working in various classical schools.  I am convinced that classical Christian teaching is the best mode of training for young believers both to deal with God’s Word and God’s world.

This podcast will host various reflections of mine on aspects of CCE, both past and present, with an eye towards ourselves increasing our own understanding of what we are aiming for and, hopefully, generating serious discussion about how we might do better both for ourselves and our students.

This podcast, like most items on this site, is aimed at helping to support my work as an independent classical Christian educator helping homeschooling families.  The cause of Christian education perpetually suffers from poor funding, so If you enjoy the materials I have on this website, please consider donating.  As the saying goes, anything helps!

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Episode 1: Groping for God

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