PODCAST – After 500 Years: Forward the Reformation

Current Episode: Episode 3 – Luther and the Cause of Reformation by Councils (Pt. 2)

There are many important dates in history, and each of them has a story about what the event was, what it meant at the time it happened, and what it means for us today.   2017 marks the 500th anniversary of one such event, the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

As a lifelong Protestant as well as a student of Church history, I love, honor, and cherish the story of the Reformation as an indispensable part of my heritage.  I owe the person I am today to it, and I am grateful to worship each Lord’s Day among a Reformation-oriented congregation.  In this spirit, I offer the following meditations on and celebrations of the story of the Reformation, not merely for antiquarian purposes, but because this story continues to be of immense relevance for us today.

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Episode 3: Luther and the Cause of Reformation by Councils (Pt. 2)

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