PODCAST – On the Beaten Path: Church History for Protestants

In the preface to his translation of Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Care, the ninth century English king Alfred the Great penned the following stirring words about the decline of learning and culture in England:

When I reflected on all this, I recollected how–before everything was ransacked and burned–the churches throughout England stood filled with treasures and books. Similarly, there was a great multitude of those serving God. And they derived very little benefit from those books, because they could understand nothing of them, since they were not written in their own language. It is as if they said: “Our ancestors, who formerly maintained these places, loved wisdom, and through it they obtained wealth and passed it on to us. Here one can still see their track, but we cannot follow it. Therefore we have now lost the wealth as well as the wisdom, because we did not wish to set our minds to the track.

Alfred’s words for a minute: “We have now lost the wealth as well as the wisdom, because we did not wish to set our minds to the track.” are the backdrop for this podcast, which aims to help Protestants be confident that our reforming fathers in the Faith were not simply reckless rebels or unhinged innovators, but drew deeply from the wells of Church history and rooted their work firmly in it.  We must do the same today, lest we run the risk of giving away the Reformation store to its detractors and enemies.

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Episode 1: Three Hundred Years Before the Reformation

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