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Which Comes First? Truth, or the Church?

PrintI had occasion some years ago while writing a large paper on Medieval resistance theory to read portions of Dante’s Monarchia, a vigorously logical treatise defending the idea, contrary to the spirit of the times, that temporal rulership is not derived … Continue reading

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“May You Flee, Fugitive World; Let Us Always Love Christ”

PrintThe following exhortation to remember what is of prime importance in life comes from the Carolingian scholar Alcuin’s poem “My Little Cell.”  After lamenting the loss, in his old age, of the monkish cell of his youth, Alcuin writes more … Continue reading

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Sacral Kingship and Obedience to the Unjust Ruler- Ambrosiaster’s Curious Ambiguity

PrintIn my first post, What Is Societas Christiana (Part I), I noted the diversity of patristic views on the nature and location of authority in the societas Christiana.  One of the views so noted was “the Church is in the … Continue reading

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What is “Societas Christiana”? (Part 2): A Survey of Medieval Diversity

PrintIn Part 1, I examined some terminological difficulties surrounding the terms “Christian,” “society,” and the composite “Christian society.  To begin this post, I must reiterate the governing premise of this blog, that there is no better place to engage with … Continue reading

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What is “Societas Christiana”? (Part 1): Some Basic Terminology

PrintWelcome to the all-new (yet in some ways all-old) Societas Christiana.  The first iteration of this blog, which ran from 2002 to 2009, began as a forum for posting my researches on Medieval Christendom as part of various projects I … Continue reading

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