A Happy Announcement!

This actually happened on December 28th but until I could get hold of my immediate family members to tell them first (time zone differences and busy schedules prevented it until this afternoon), I held off putting up a notice here.

I’m very pleased to say that I am now officially courting Miss Heidi Tucker. I actually first met her back in March of last year, but to my shame I didn’t then pursue anything. At any rate, we’ve been talking for a while by e-mail and internet chat, and I spent five days this past week with her and her family. It was a great time of fellowship and fun and getting to know each other a little better, and it was capped off with the formalizing of the courtship. A great end to an already great holiday visit!

We live a good distance apart (600 miles), so right now we’re trying to work out the details of how to best further the courtship–especially since I feel very strongly that I need to get my bachelor’s education at New St. Andrews finished this coming school year (academic year 6 on a 4-year program, yeesh!!!), and that could entail the uncertainties of two moves between now and this coming August.

Heidi doesn’t have a blog I can link you to, but let me tell you that she is a beautiful, wonderful, godly woman–far more than a schmuck like me could have hoped to wind up courting! I’m sure that sounds foolish, but if a man can’t be foolish talking about a girl, what can he be foolish about?

So that’s my happy announcement. :) Heidi and I would certainly covet your prayers for our courtship and for wisdom regarding the prudential matters I mentioned above that I am presently trying to figure out.

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