Perspectives, Truth, and the Inerrant Bible

Found this on a message board today, in a discussion about logical consistency, divine revelation, and how finite creatures know truth. Thought it was worth preserving here.

It is not a violation of LNC [the Law of Non Contradiction] if according to persepective P some assertion “S” is true while according to some perspective Q the same assertion “S” is false. If the perspective determines the sense of “S” it just means that the assertion “S” is ambiguous between perspectives. It means only that we have an instance of equivocation. Further, there is no need to assert that by promising understanding that the Bible is promising anything more than understanding within one or another perspective that the Bible deems relevent. Inerrancy secures truth but not necessarily a perspective transcending and perfectly accurate metaphysics. As Calvin reminds us, God accomodates his truth to terms that ordinary humans can receive within their normal limits.

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