Literal and Spiritual (II)

Antiochene exegete Diodore of Tarsus on how the literal meaning of Scripture does not exclude a higher meaning, but provides the necessary foundation for such:

We do not object to anagoge [a search for higher meaning] and a more lofty theoria [seeing the actual spiritual fulfillment of a text]…For historia [the author's actual meaning] does not exclude a more lofty theoria. Rather it is the basic substructure for higher insights. This alone must be held to, lest theoria be ever looked upon as subverting that upon which it is founded. For such would no longer be theoria but allegoria.:”(Cited in Frederick G. McLeod, S.J., The Image of God in the Antiochene Tradition [Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 1999], pg. 21.)”:

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