Bury Your Talent, Hurt the Community

Dante nicely expresses our duty as men to acknowledge our debts to our forebears and, using what they have given us, contribute something to the greater good:

For all men whom the Higher Nature has endowed with a love of truth, this above all seems to be a matter of concern, that just as they have been enriched by the efforts of their forebears, so they too may work for future generations, in order that posterity may be enriched by their efforts. For the man who is steeped in the teachings which form our common heritage, yet has no interest in contributing something to the community, is failing in his duty: let him be in doubt of that; for he is not ‘a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in due season’, but rather a destructive whirlpool which forever swallows things down and never gives back what it has swallowed.:”(Dante: Monarchy [I.i], ed. and trans., Prue Shaw [Cambridge University Press, 9th printing, 2006], pg. 3.)”:

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