Ockham’s Run!

Coming Soon for your Video Game home entertainment system: Ockham’s Run!

Are you bored with first-person shoot-em-up games? Sick of racing cars in circles and blowing alien monsters to gory pulp and playing anti-heroes and absurd gun-toting Amazon warrior princesses? Losing too much grey matter from hours in front of droning sports games? Looking for next generation thrills and mind-building skills for your Video Game home entertainment system? Well, try your hand at Ockham’s Run, an exciting new near-VR simulation from Cyber Christendom, Limited!

Navigate your Nominalist theologian through the complex web of 14th century theology, giving aid to your Spiritual Franciscan allies while carefully avoiding popish prelates and their thunderbolts of anathema! Protect your emperor with your pen as he protects you with his sword! Team up with Marsilius of Padua and use your Razor-like wit to tackle complex problems of Church-State relations. Help the Medieval world transition into the Modern! Inspire fifteenth century Conciliarists and a sixteenth century German monk to revolt from Rome!

Endure being called a Pelagian, but have your revenge by calling the pope himself a heretic! Advocate apostolic poverty and the Beatific Vision like nobody else but you can! Fight popish cretins saying that Scripture isn’t clear and that the pope can invent new dogmas from scratch! And of course, wind down and relax at the end of the day by writing about tyranny and helping pave the way for constitutional government! But then, the final, ultimate challenge: Help your Nominalist theologian avoid the Black Plague and live long enough to finish his provocative work on Universals!

Ockham’s Run! Coming soon! Reserve your copy today at Big Box Mart, or your local retailer!*

* Parental Warning: Studies have shown that this game may cause too much intellectual activity, resulting in a dramatic decline in hand-to-eye coordination and map-reading skills.

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