The Unfolding Riches of Christology

The history of Christology has indeed been constantly marked and marred by one-sided developments and errors. Yet, the normative apostolic witness, “the unfathomable riches of Christ” (Eph 3:8) as reflected in the writings of the New Testament can be unfolded and conceptually articulated only in a historical process. No single author, age or culture may lay claim to a full articulation of what is given in the New Testament. Its riches have been and will be brought to light only under the pressure of a never-ending questioning by new cultures, peoples and individuals.

Evidently, each new christological development must be measured against the biblical Christology that is its source and norm. This is not to say, however, that all the christological doctrines of later times should be strictly “deducible” by a logical process from the biblical sources. But, if authentic, a later Christology should cohere with the normative biblical witness…

Moreover, the work of Christ’s Spirit is not restricted to the visible boundaries of the Roman Catholic Church. He is present in various ways in other Christian churches and ecclesial communities as well, and therefore, the positive contributions of their theologians must also become part of an integral Christology.:”(Roch A. Kereszty, O.Cist., Jesus Christ: Fundamentals of Christology.:”[New York: Society of St. Paul, 2002], pg. xv.)”:

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