A Defense of Regulativism

As I head into my last week of school at New St. Andrews, I have just finished the last paper I will ever write for the school as a student. An era passes, indeed. Here is my paper, for those interested in the subject.

A Defense of A Regulative Principle of Worship

By the way, when I put this paper on the “Occasional Writings” page I discovered that numerous links to other papers there were bad. I have now fixed those links, and added other papers that used to be up on this site but, as has been the way of things in my several domain transfers, somehow “fell off.”

Things are back in order, now. Among the older papers that are now back up are An Analysis of the Cult of King Edward the Confessor, Martin Luther and the Quest for Conciliar Reform of the Church, Lessons from the Conciliar Movement, Protestantism and the Historic Episcopate, 100 Years Before Luther, and Worldviews At War: Antique Hellenism Versus Medieval Nominalism. Happy reading!

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8 Responses to A Defense of Regulativism

  1. Jaime says:

    Just to let you know that I am beginning to appreciate your hard work. You may not remember me, but that’s ok. I am a layman, but I am profiting greatly from your writings, such that I have your site as one of my favorite links. Thanks again!

  2. Tim Enloe says:

    Of course I remember you, Jaime. I’m glad you are finding some value in my work. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to put more up these last few months. Finishing up my B.A. at New St. Andrews has simply proven so arduous that I’ve scarcely been able to catch my breath for the last 4 months, much less give any serious attention to this blog. Hopefully that will change now that I’ve finished the program.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I really enjoyed your paper. I came into it thinking, “Tim isn’t really advocating ‘the’ RPW, is he?” hehe. It was interesting to see how against instruments the church was in the entire first millenium. I’ve wondered sometimes, if people genuinely want to follow the “anything not commanded is forbidden” RPW, shouldn’t they use harps, lyres, trumpets, cymbals, and shun the use of piano?

  4. Rich Gall says:

    Just checking in on my favorite medievalist. How’s life? Can I get a copy of your thesis? Congratulations on your marriage! (Showing how out of date I am) And blessings on your house and your progeny!


  5. Tim,

    I tried to send you an email today but it bounced back. Would you please email me (crn@pobox.com)? I have a few resource questions for you.


  6. Wolf N Paul says:


    I can’t find an e-mail address for you, so this comment is to point out to you a typo on the “About” page: I am quite sure you are older than 3 :-)

    Wolf Paul

  7. Tim Enloe says:

    Hey Rich, check your e-mail man! :)

  8. diane says:

    What’s regulativism?

    (head spinning)


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