She’s Mobile! Watch Out World!

Alas, I haven’t gotten a picture or video, but as of 9 am this morning, little Berry has begun to crawl. I do believe the first two times were unintended, because subsequent attempts either the arms moved without the legs or the legs moved without the arms, frustrating her enormously. But those first two times, anyway, everything moved in concert for about three steps, and we thought she’d be off to the races. Won’t be long, now.

Why is that you never have the camera ready for the cutest things? Is there a conspiracy of babies or something, to always do these things when you’re not ready to preserve them for posterity?

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One Response to She’s Mobile! Watch Out World!

  1. The Scylding says:

    Make peace with it – it is highly possible that these things will happen away from the camera – I’ve had 3, and that’s the way it goes…

    But enjoy these moments – they are more instructive of God’s grace than a thousand volumes of theology…

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