This is the archive of my old blog, Societas Christiana, which was in operation from 2004 to 2010. On this blog you will find a great deal of information pertaining to Medieval Christendom, the Protestant Reformation, the relationship of faith and reason, Christian education, the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds, and other such topics of interest.

It is possible that the comments boxes are still open on various posts on this blog. However, you should understand as you browse the archives that this blog is no longer active. I do not check it for comments or hit stats or anything else, so if you choose to comment on a post it is most likely that I will not see your remarks.

This archive exists for precisely that purpose: it is archival. The main work in which I am involved at this stage in my life is the website Discarded Image.  If you wish to browse this archive, please use the menu on the right side to find the various categories.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are enriched, and perhaps even challenged, by the materials in these archives.

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