No Royal Road to Certainty

“The root of the matter is, that there is no royal road to certainty ; no organon for the summary extinction of doubts. As much in the sphere of religion, as in the social and political domains, infallibility and perfection are mere dreams of the imagination. Conviction of the truth does not become ours at the command of some external authority. It grows by contributions from many sources ; from the testimony of the past, from personal experience, from spiritual intuition, from conscientious following of the light, from the influences exercised on us by our fellow-men who are eminent for goodness. It never ceases to grow so long as we are faithful to what we have attained, and, though in this world it can never attain a logical completeness, the humble and patient will always find it sufficient for their practical need.” - Wilfred Ward, “William George Ward and the Oxford Movement”, The Quarterly Review, Vol. 169 – July & Oct. 1889, p 384.

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  1. Charles says:

    Hello Tim,

    Your blog, along with the beauty of Cranmer’s prayer book, was instrumental in bringing me to Anglicanism. Of special importance were your old podcasts from Positively Medieval!. I would like to prominently post your old podcast on misconceptions Protestants typically have about the medieval period. It really caused me to think of the church in a more catholic and historical sense. Just in case, my blog is also wordpress, Let me know if the podcast is still available for linking. I believe it seminal.

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