The Discarded Image

My new website, The Discarded Image, is now up and running. There is not a lot there at the moment, but I have a number of things “in the pipeline,” so to speak, and will hopefully be able to get those up very soon. Among them will be the “Store” link and the “Study Center” link. I am aware that there are some irregularities in the navigation bar menu as it appears on various pages. Please bear with me as I get all of that smoothed out.

A part of me wants to return to blogging, but a bigger part of me is still hesitant to do so for a variety of reasons. The new website has a section that looks like a blog, Ad Fontes (see the link at the top), but I am only going to use that for posting matters that I have spent a fair bit of time looking into and which I can write about by grounding all that I say directly in the sources. Posts to that section of the new site will thus be sporadic, but when they do appear they will be substantive.

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