We’re Home!

Thanks be to our sovereign and merciful Lord for a wonderful wedding ceremony this past Sunday (June 19th)! A good number of pictures from our wedding may be seen here (courtesy of Heidi’s sister, Holly. Thanks, Holly!)

We honeymooned for four days in Pierce, ID, a tiny town of 600 and site of the first gold strike in Idaho back in 1861. After the hustle and bustle of the months of wedding preparations, our stay in Pierce was a very restful time for us both. Absolutely beautiful country up there, quiet and peaceful. The drive back into Moscow was amazing too, in that regard. Personally, neither of us would mind settling down in this area if the Lord provides for that.

Heidi and I arrived home in Moscow last night at about 6:30, and have begun the process of setting things up. The Lord has provided marvellously for our new home, and most especially in providing for several family friends to transport from Fallon many of the gifts which we could not bring with us. At any rate, we’re home! Thanks to everyone who commented so excellently on the wedding note post below!

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