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Preconditions for Understanding the “Plain” Scriptures

Athanasius, who in so many places so eloquently describes Scripture as “plainly” teaching or proving this or that, elsewhere urges that certain preconditions must be present if one is to truly understand the “plain” Scriptures: But for the searching of … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI On Biblical Exegesis and Faith in the Historical Jesus

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m taking a course on Christology and Soteriology. Today I started into one of the assigned texts, Pope Benedict XVI’s recently-published book Jesus of Nazareth (Doubleday, 2007). It’s very interesting, and I thought … Continue reading

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Variations on the Canon

This post sets out some contradictory opinions concerning the canon of Scripture and its interpretation. I confess to being a tad confused on the issue at the moment. In brief comments following the quotations I attempt to grapple with their … Continue reading

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Tradition As “Reassertion”

[My apologies for the somewhat "rambling" character of this post. It did not start out that way, but it has sure ended that way!] In writing of several 4th through 8th century A.D. developments of Christian tradition relative to Roman … Continue reading

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“Like Dwarfs Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”: Static Vs. Dynamic Concepts of “Tradition” in the Twelfth Century

“Like dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants…” So wrote Bernard of Chartres in the twelfth century, giving a good summary of the innovative approach to Scripture that shook exegesis in that period. The reformation of the eleventh century had … Continue reading

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