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Real Love of Truth

A friend of mine helpfully outlined for me today the difference between real love of Truth and idolatrous commitment to mere ideology. I’m not quoting him directly in what follows, but adapting his basic points and adding a few of … Continue reading

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Toward Responsible Internet Apologetics

Here are some basic criteria which I believe everyone doing apologetics should meet before they go out to do apologetics on the Internet. While I would say that number 1 is the most important, it does not follow that subsequent … Continue reading

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Spooftexting the Reformation

I saw this quote from Charles Hodge on another blog, and thought it merited some comment. Dr. John Henry Newman says, that if Protestants insist on making the Church of Rome Antichrist, they thereby make over all Roman Catholics, past … Continue reading

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Truth of History Vs. Reason of State

It has often been a staple of Protestant apologetics to assert that Rome “doesn’t like the truth,” and to back this up by an appeal to all the history that Rome has supposedly “covered up” because it’s too embarassing. Many … Continue reading

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