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What Is “Philosophy”?

[As my first official post on this now re-opened blog, I offer the following non-scholarly meditation on the question "What is Philosophy?" This is part of a short textbook I am presently writing for a 7th grade humanities class I … Continue reading

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Training the “Rudders of Your Mind”

Basil the Great on Reading Greek Literature Having recently been reading a bunch of stuff written by Van Tillians, I have to say that I find Basil much more palatable and useful.

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Synthesis and Syncretism

R.C. Sproul’s Does Christian Education Compromise Excellence? is a basic, but pretty good little article. I think Sproul’s distinction between “synthesis” and “syncretism” is especially useful in terms of combating the really excessive views of the “antithesis” between God’s Word … Continue reading

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A Coming Paradigm Shift in Christian Education?

I do not often read James White’s website, but my friend kepha pointed out to me this interesting short article that I thought I’d share. For reasons that were spelled out ad nauseam in my long controversies with him a … Continue reading

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On the Objectivity of Ethics

I’ve been teaching ethics to 7th and 8th graders this term, and it’s been quite an interesting – and sometimes a disturbing – experience. Let me preface the rest of this entry by saying that I was raised in a … Continue reading

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Liberal Arts In A Recession

This is a great article on why liberal arts education should continue to be supported even in these economically trying times. As someone about to go full time into this field as a teacher, I cannot recommend the dissemination of … Continue reading

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Christian Humanism

Here’s a little quote about the 8th to 9th century educational refors of the Carolingians. I like this a lot. In all this there was a deliberate purpose to create or restore a Latin Christian culture which should be the … Continue reading

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Non-Traditional Education?

Victor Hanson’s The Humanities Move Off Campus is an interesting read, especially for its comments on Christian education and the recent move toward purely distance learning via online courses and audio CDs. My take on distance learning and audio CD … Continue reading

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The Curriculum of A Twelve Year Old in 1779

As I mentioned in another entry below, I’ve been listening to biographies of the Founding Fathers lately. Inspired by my current one, on John Adams, I picked up William Bennett’s Our Sacred Honor at the library. Thumbing through the section … Continue reading

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“They Just Need More Science and Math”

On my commutes to work these past few months I’ve been listening to various audio books. Having just finished a biography of Alexander Hamilton, I’ve now started into one on John Adams. I haven’t had any American history since, oh, … Continue reading

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