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Overheard on Another Blog

Someone asked a philosophy professor why he had converted from Protestantism to Catholicism: “Why is it always the philosophy professors?” Said the philosophy professor, “We’re all just peeping Thomists.”

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Ockham’s Run!

Coming Soon for your Video Game home entertainment system: Ockham’s Run! Are you bored with first-person shoot-em-up games? Sick of racing cars in circles and blowing alien monsters to gory pulp and playing anti-heroes and absurd gun-toting Amazon warrior princesses? … Continue reading

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Federal Vision Haiku

My wife and I posted these on Doug Wilson’s “Federal Vision Haiku Poetry Contest“: E-judges on bench, Strain at gnats, swallow camels Blogs save Truth again! FV–>Romish–>Bad Smart sem prof said so, so is Who watches watchers? cruel winter blast … Continue reading

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The True Definition of Writing History

“Taking little bits out of a great many books that no one has ever read, and putting them together in one book that no one will ever read.” LOL! Guess I picked the wrong field to go into….

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“The Hungry Ones Place Their Hope in Spam”

I’ve been tutoring some folks in Latin once a week for the last couple of months. So tonight I’m checking the homework of one of them, which is largely about fifth declension words–i.e., words such as “spes” (hope). Well, at … Continue reading

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