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City of God Readings

If anyone happens to be trying to follow the Augustine’s City of God readings with me, it should be obvious by now that I’ve fallen behind what the posted schedule of readings says. That’s partly because the class itself for … Continue reading

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A Reminder of What “Societas Christiana” Is Really All About

Here’s some things my 2 1/2 year old daughter is currently working on. For all the intellectual stuff that appears on this blog, in truth, this is what the cause of “societas Christiana” is all about. Berry singing the Gloria … Continue reading

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Sufficient, Not Infallible

I posted this elsewhere in response to a Protestant who had converted to Catholicism but has now begun to question the wisdom of that decision and is casting about looking for answers to some tough questions. The anxiety that leads … Continue reading

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“I Am the Tradition”

I admit that a few years ago I read some things from Vatican II writers and found myself fairly impressed with the attitude of openness toward other Christians exhibited, along with the ability of those Catholics to substantively criticize bad … Continue reading

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Theological Snobbery

Read this post: Theological Snobbery: A Preface to Blogging. Read it now. Then read it again and tell others about it. Great stuff!

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An Excellent Reformed Resource

I’d like to recommend R.C. Sproul’s numerous audio and video clips, which you can get for free at Ligonier Ministries. These are great places to start learning about some of the deeper issues of the Christian intellectual life. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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An Invaluable Reformation Resource (Wessel Gansfort)

This is just fantastic! I ran across Wessel Gansfort a few years ago while researching the connections between conciliarism and the Reformation, and found him to be a pivotal figure who was very influential upon Luther. These books are incredibly … Continue reading

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How Many Points?

In a world where much of theological discourse is controlled by people who love slogans they only half understand and short lists of “ideas” that are easy to grasp but not necessarily the whole picture, this is a very helpful … Continue reading

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Obama and Machiavelli

Here’s an illuminating exercise for the mind. Set Obama’s inauguration speech side-by-side with Chapter 18 of Machiavelli’s work The Prince. Interesting, no?

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It Was Intelligent Design Random Chance Evolution! No, Really!

I love this kind of stuff. As if nobody remembers the Miller-Urey experiment of 1952, here we have another group of rational beings intelligently planning something out and carefully executing it according to specific, predetermined parameters in order to prove … Continue reading

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