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The Unfolding Riches of Christology

The history of Christology has indeed been constantly marked and marred by one-sided developments and errors. Yet, the normative apostolic witness, “the unfathomable riches of Christ” (Eph 3:8) as reflected in the writings of the New Testament can be unfolded … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: “Bernardus Redivivus”

In the opening paragraph of his essay for a 1992 conference on Bernard of Clairvaux Franz Posset provocatively says that “‘By remote control’, so to speak, Saint Bernard guides Luther’s thoughts across the centuries.” Indeed, “Saint Bernard is quoted or … Continue reading

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Bernard of Clairvaux: A Forerunner of John Calvin?

This is the question that A.N.S. Lane explores in his contribution to a 1992 scholarly conference on Bernard of Clairvaux.:”(Bernardus Magister: Papers Presented at the Nonacentenary Celebration of the Birth of Saint Bernard of Clairvauxed, John R. Sommerfeldt [Spencer, MA: … Continue reading

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Spooftexting the Reformation

I saw this quote from Charles Hodge on another blog, and thought it merited some comment. Dr. John Henry Newman says, that if Protestants insist on making the Church of Rome Antichrist, they thereby make over all Roman Catholics, past … Continue reading

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The Catholic Faith is Not Monistic

This is a really extraordinary piece by a Jesuit scholar. The profound attraction the papacy has historically had to monistic visions of authority is disturbing and constitutes a major reason, from within the catholic Faith, to protest.

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Some Excellent Thoughts on Protestant Ecclesiology

This is some of the clearest, insightful thinking I have ever seen on Protestant ecclesiology and its challenges today. The Denominational Church Thoughts on Denominations, Church Union and Reunion 1 Thoughts on Denominations, Church Union and Reunion 2 Thoughts on … Continue reading

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“The Signs of the Times”: An Alternative Catholic View of the Relationship of History and Theology

“The idea that faith is anchored in history is not a novelty,” writes Giuseppe Ruggieri, “when we recall that from the beginning Christian biblical faith has been the recognition of God’s action in the history of a people (Israel) and … Continue reading

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On Interpreting Documents Without Awareness of Broader Contexts

In a very interesting article on the course of Catholic resistance to “liberalism” from about 1830 to 1870, Roger Aubert spends some time discussing the sophisticated terminological and conceptual background of the papal encyclical Mirari vos (1832) and the Syllabus … Continue reading

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Leibniz on Healing the Protestant / Catholic Schism

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, most often known for his intricate philosophy of “monadology”, was a 17th century Protestant intellectual leader who, in in the aftermath of the Wars of Religion and the evident rise of Secular Modernity, passionately desired the reunification … Continue reading

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Henry of Langenstein on A Council of Peace

In the year of the Lord’s incarnation 1381 the esteemed Henry of Langenstein penned the following conclusion to his deeply Scripturally-informed and excellently irenic little work A Letter Concerning a Council of Peace: Here is a way of peace, a … Continue reading

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