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Critique of Gurshstein’s “The Origin of the Constellations”

[This is a paper I wrote 6 years ago for an Astronomy elective at New St. Andrews College. I somehow forgot to post it online back then, and only found it today while cleaning up my hard drive. Not a … Continue reading

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Catholic Apologetics at the Threshold of Modernity

Of late I’ve suffered a posting hiatus on account of summer class-work and conference projects. I hope to put up some material on medieval theology next weekend. In the meantime, however, I can hardly over-recommend Fr. Michael J. Buckley’s The … Continue reading

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Chariots of the gods (and Other Pseudo-Rational Myths)

I have to admit that this is a cathartic entry. I needed to write this to get some things off my chest, so unless science fiction interests you and you often get disturbed at the predominant anti-Christian tenor of the … Continue reading

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Roman Rhetoric and “Right Angle” Apologetics

In picking that title for this post, I am consciously aware of a double-meaning. Ultimately I am doing my series of posts on “Christian culture and classical rhetoric” for larger purposes than merely pointing out to many Catholic polemicists that … Continue reading

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