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Christian Humanism

Here’s a little quote about the 8th to 9th century educational refors of the Carolingians. I like this a lot. In all this there was a deliberate purpose to create or restore a Latin Christian culture which should be the … Continue reading

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Three Chief Places, Three Principles, Three Remedies, and Three Maxims

While poking around for something else in Patrologia Latina Vol. 94, my eyes stumbled across the following passage: God has established three chief dwellings: heaven, earth, and hell: and in these three there are three principle things. In heaven He … Continue reading

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Let’s Hear It for “the Dark Ages”

Here is a Carolingian reform capitulary issued in the year of the Lord’s incarnation 742, regarding the state of ongoing warfare that each bishop and priest had to wage against the ingrained paganism of his people: We decree that according … Continue reading

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