On Classical Education and Being a Classical Teacher

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Wisdom in a Box

Since all of us involved in “classical education” were raised with non-classical assumptions about what school is, we need to take care that the phrase “classical education” does not mean for us “wisdom in a box.”  We can’t capture the Liberal Arts inside a textbook or adminstrator-mandated academic schedule or a lesson plan.  The freedom these […]

To Forget Good Counsel is to Forget Prudence Itself

[17]But it may be answered: Socrates should have taught his companions prudence before politics. I do not deny it; but I find that all teachers show their disciples how they themselves practise what they teach, and lead them on by argument. And I know that it was so with Socrates: he showed his companions that […]

Where is the Christian Antithesis?

On the notion, prevalent in some classical education circles, that there is a total antithesis between “Christian worldview thinking” and all modes of thinking, this is worth pondering: The nearer anything lies to that center of existence where we are concerned with the whole, that is, with man’s relation to God and the being of […]